Karl Lucas


Once and Future Shows

Aug 17       //       Luthier's Co-op       //       East Hampton, MA
Aug 26      //       Morro Bay Wine Cellar      //       Morro Bay, CA
Aug 31       //       Philipsburg Brewery       //       Philipsburg, MT
Sept 1       //       The Longstaff House       //       Missoula, MT

House Show w/ Christie Belanger

Sept 5       //       Forager Brewery       //       Rochester, MN
Sept 7       //       The Root Note       //       La Crosse, WI
Sept 10      //      Evangeline's Music House      //      St. Louis, MO
Sept 13       //      Sola Cafe       //       Raleigh, NC
Dec 29       //      RGNY Vineyards       //       Riverhead, NY

About Me, more or less 

Karl's musical career began with a recorder in the third grade. He blistered that recorder. And so for some reason he put it down, picked up a basketball and barely looked at another instrument for the next 16 years. At age 25, living in a house filled with friends and guitars, he finally picked one up and was imbued with a strange unselfconsciousness. He started strumming, fingerpicking soon followed, then words, full songs, a banjo along with a brief effort in a band, and now he writes songs for the disheveled and the clean-cut, for the driven and the tired...  for the dishonest mechanics and their sympathetic customers that won't come back... for the ones unfit for this bit of the infinite, and the ones that know they just happen to be... for the ones that get it and the ones that don't and for the nameless something that contains us all...